About Mary Obaseki

Hailing from north London Mary has been making art her whole life. A childhood spent on the Ashdown Forest has influenced much of her work, some of her earliest memories are of making tiny worlds with her sister amongst the roots of their favourite trees and creating elaborate and fantastical dressing up games.

With an instinct to create in 3D, the driving themes in Mary’s work are, nature and the ethereal world, her childhood imaginings and the untamable wildness of the animal kingdom.

After a career change from many years as a head gardener, Mary completed a foundation degree in art and design at CityLit in London’s Holborn. Apart from this she is an entirely self taught artist and crafter, and began using the needle felt technique in 2015. “After happening on a local shop in North london filled with incredible fibres, I was driven to find a technique that could harness the astounding beauty of those materials.

After some initial trials I found videos of the needle felt technique on YouTube and was hooked. The nature of the materials and technique allow me to create hyper-real, very lifelike and expressive pieces, with my sculptures I want to show that we can have all the rare and fantastic beasts of the world in our places of being, without killing any of them.” Mary works out of her studio in Crouch End.

Mary is married to Frankie, they love to travel, cook and rave together and they share their North London home with Frankincense the cat.